Port Hunter Environmental (pHE) offers consultation, monitoring and project management within the vast environmental sector.

Based in Newcastle (New South Wales), pHE can provide services throughout NSW and interstate, with no project that is either too big or too small.


pHE is dedicated to provide a cost effective, reliable and transparent service for your next project, whether it is an internal investigation or for compliance purposes.


All personnel are trained and familiar with methods of obtaining representative samples, as well as the correct handling and preservation requirements of those samples.

Safety whilst on site is a key component of our work and customers can be assured that all regulatory and individual site safety requirements are met.


All reports are issued in a timely fashion by professional and experienced staff.  We are also able to provide on-going phone or email support to all our clients even long after the work has finished.

Stack emission reports comply with all requirements listed in the NSW EPA “Approved Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants in NSW”.

Port Hunter Environmental holds NATA Accreditation (No. 21069) for various stack and ambient testing methods. Click HERE to see the Port Hunter Environmental scope of accreditation.

Safety and OH&S

Safety is our core value at Port Hunter Environmental. In conjunction with performing the listed services, Port Hunter Environmental encourages and adheres to strict Occupational Health & Safety requirements for all staff and associated contractors.

Our trained industry professionals will not conduct any task until the required inductions are completed, also site-specific Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA’s) and level 3 inductions (toolbox talks) have been completed.

All staff have been trained to recognise what level of PPE is required on any site and strictly adhere to these requirements. Port Hunter Environmental personnel display safe work habits in all environments.